From printing to fulfillment, PXP has the resources to help move your idea to a finished retail product. Allow our team to help you:

  • Source your garments both domestic and overseas
  • Develop custom designs and logos
  • Embellish the garment with a variety of finishes
  • Finish the garment with special packaging, tagless neck label, hang tags and more
  • Fulfill, distribute, and drop ship your goods nationwide


  • Private Labeling
  • Folding/Poly Bagging
  • Hang Tagging
  • UPC Printing
  • Drop Shipping

Specialty Printing


Plastisols are the most commonly used inks in screen-printing. They are particularly useful for printing opaque graphics on dark fabrics. Advantages: Plastisol inks are recommended for printing on colored fabric. On lighter and dark fabric, Plastisol is extremely opaque and will result in a bright, vibrant color. Plastisol is the easiest ink to match exact PMS colors and achieve those colors on a wide variety of colored garments. The ink is made up of PVC particles suspended in a plasticizing emulsion. Because of this, the ink will not dry in the screen, allowing for long consistent print runs with a lower reject rate. Disadvantages: Plastisol inks result in a thicker hand and heavier imprint. Because of this, Plastisol inks are not recommended for specialty applications like printing over seams, collars and full bleed-offs. 


Our oversized printing makes use of our standard screen-printing equipment and price list but allows for a larger imprint area than our standard imprint size. By making use of our Oyo Wide-Format Thermal film, we can now offer 18"x18" imprints at a standard imprint cost. 


Discharge printing is the process where we print a chemical that removes the dye from the garment, returning it to its original cotton color. This process can be used on its own to achieve a nice, natural imprint. More commonly, discharge printing is used in order to print water-based inks on dark garments. When combined with water-based inks, you can achieve a soft hand with a multi-color print on most dark garments. Advantages: Allows for a very fashionable, soft hand on dark garments. When combined with water based inks, multi-color, vibrant prints are possible. Disadvantages: Not all garments are dischargeable. Not all garments will discharge the same, even within the same run/box of garments. The end result cannot be known until the garment is fully printed and run through the dryer. The difficulty results in slower printing and higher rejects compared to standard Plastisol printing. 


All over printing is a great example of a technique that is in high demand among apparel buyers today. This style of printing uses our custom manufactured wing pallets that allow us to go over seams, collars, sleeves, as well as full bleeds. We have taken steps to customize our machines to handle prints up to 25" wide (shoulder) x 21" wide (body) x 28" (tall). This allows us to handle medium to XXL men's t-shirts. We also have all-over platens to accommodate a print size up to 18" x 20" for women's tees.


Water-based inks are a more fashion and environmentally friendly ink. The thin viscosity of the water-based inks make them ideal for specialty applications like printing over collars, seams and full bleeds. Unlike Plastisol, where the pigment is suspended in PVC, water-based ink uses H2O to transport the pigment to the garment. The result is a very soft hand that leaves a small environmental footprint. Advantages: Soft hand with very bright colors on light colored garments. Few chemicals are involved in printing with water-based ink and they contain no PVC or phalates. Disadvantages: The ink can dry quickly in the screen, resulting in a more labor intensive print. The inks are not as opaque as Plastisol, making it difficult to print bright colors on dark garments without other special techniques. Rejects rates are typically higher. 


Our custom designed belt pallets allow us to print that "cut and sew" look with a post production garment. We can imprint up to a gigantic 39" x 39". This allows us to handle most apparel options up to XXXL from tip to tip. This style of imprint works best with 1-3 colors and a layered look without tight registration.



A printing technique where the artwork is created using dots (CMYK) which combine to create the full spectrum of colors needed for photographic prints. This means a large number of colors can be printed using only 4 screens, making the set-up costs viable. The inks are required to blend and are more translucent, meaning a compromise with vibrancy of color. It is difficult to achieve exact PMS colors with 4cp printing, but it is possible to add additional spot colors if needed. 4 color process is best when used on white and light colored shirts, but with PXP's advanced equipment, we are one of a select few companies who can print 4 cp on dark garments.


Foil stamping is a special effect that gives a brilliant metallic finish. It can be applied to almost any apparel substrate that withstands the heat and curing process of typical screen-printing. The main limitation is that the foil will adhere to Plastisol ink, so single color or water-based imprints are recommended. Colors available depend on the run size but are generally available in: Gold, Silver, Copper, Pink, Red, Purple, Royal, and a variety of psychedelic swirls. 


Simulated Process color images have a photo-realistic look but are not printed with the process colors of CMYK. They are similar to process in desired effect only. The color separations for simulated process color are made up of halftone images of spot colors like red, yellow, blue, etc. They are often called "tonal" or "channel" separations. Simulated process separations can be printed on light and dark shirts. 

Because the inks for simulated process color are generally all-purpose, semi-transparent Plastisol they give you a bright print even when printed on an underbase of white ink. When done correctly, simulated process prints can be very photo-realistic with smooth gradations and bright colors. 


Our reputation as a reliable printer that knows what it means to hit a deadline has brought us attention nationwide. We are currently a Hot Market printer for the NHL, NBA, MLB as well as multiple college sports programs.